European Quality of Educational Research for Empowering Educators in Ukraine


The Jean Monnet Support to Association Project (2017 - 2020) is supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission

European Quality of Educational Research for Empowering Educators in Ukraine is the Jean Monnet Support to Association Project that has been carried out with the support of Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union


The project aims to improve the quality of educational research skills in order to bring Ukrainian school closer to European quality standards through training, data-driven research and dissemination. The target group of the proposed project are scholars from the regional and displaced universities, school authorities and school teachers (360 researchers directly through Winter Schools and UERA conferences, 400 researchers indirectly through training).
Ukrainian community of education researchers has a comparably low involvement in the European research processes. In order to tackle this issue, UERA which is part of European Education Research Association (EERA) plans to educate Ukrainian researchers on the leading research techniques. The scope of the project includes 3 annual cycles, each one of 3 main parts:
1) Training which will be conducted in the form of Winter schools (20 participants anually) on European Educational Research Quality Indicators (defined in the FP 7 collaborative project). Winter Schools will end with Train the Trainer course
2) Research part which will be a comparative analysis based on data-driven research on the methodology of Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) in Ukraine. The data for the analysis will be gathered prior to the project (by September 2017)
3) Dissemination part in the following forms:
- Multiplication of the training (we expect winter school participants to conduct at least 1 training for 20 people in their home institutions
- Conducting roundtables with policy-makers at the local and national levels
- Publishing UERA newsletter quarterly, placing materials at the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform and project website
- National conference for education researchers as a platform for discussion of EU-related education issues in Ukraine as well as building collaborations between researchers nationwide
- Starting Ukrainian Journal of Educational Research as a tool for UERA members' collaboration.