Displaced Universities Road Map


Team of the project

Project Lead:

Mariia Vitrukh (MPhil, University of Cambridge, UK)

 Project Manager:

 Olga Mun (Research Trainee, University of Cambridge, UK)

Project Advisor:

Anna Kutkina (PhD candidate, Comparative Politics researcher of the University of Helsinki/ Aleksanteri Institute, Helsinki, Finland)

Our partners

Coordination Center of DUs

Information support is provided by NGO, UERA (Ukrainian Educational Research Association)

Financial support is provided by the United States Department of State grant for the US-programmes alumni

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Project Description:


Since 2014, when a military conflict broke out in eastern Ukraine (Donetsk and Luhansk regions), many higher education and research institutions from the conflict zone have been relocated to other regions of Ukraine. The Ministry of Education and Science has evacuated 16 universities and 10 research institutes and the future of these institutions remains unclear.

This exploratory project is aimed at identifying the needs of Ukrainian universities relocated from eastern Ukraine, developing a Road Map for participating universities and preparing policy recommendations for the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The project will start with a needs assessment component. A group of USG alumni will then contribute to developing a Road Map in collaboration with participating universities. Workshops for 15 university administration and faculty members will address the following topics:

  • organizational priorities and capacity building;
  • resources mobilization,
  • fundraising,
  • project proposal writing,
  • grant management.

 All the information about the project will be available online. Expected outcome of the project is to ensure greater understanding among Ukrainian citizens of problems faced by Displaced Universities. Policy memo will be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science and to international organizations.

7 April 2017 was held the final stage of the project Displaced Universities Road Map which was funded by the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. Team of the project included Mariya Vitrukh (graduate student of the University of Cambridge and the council member of UERA), Olga Mun, (PhD researcher, University College London Institute of Education, Department of Education, Practice and Society, UK) and Anna Kutkina (PhD researcher/Doctoral candidate, University of Helsinki/Aleksanteri Institute, Finland).

The practical conference united 20 representatives of the Displaced Universities, most of them holding high administrative positions, representatives of the US Embassy, UNPLAG organisation, as well as independent experts and trainers. Participants benefitted from three trainings: Relationship building and principles of successful collaboration with donor organisations; Introduction of information technologies into the universities: distance learning, creating repository,  electronic documents; Trends in International Innovative and Traditional Finance of Higher Education.

Apart from the trainings and interesting discussions, there was also signed a contract allowing all DUs have free access to the unique UNPLAG program, which opens up new opportunities for DUs!

Within the framework of the conference, there was a presentation of the trailer and the booklet about the relocation of DUs.https://youtu.be/hm7FTKI73dM

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