Ethical principles of research in the field of education of the British Educational Research Association (BERA) are available in Ukrainian

Our colleagues from Nottingham Trent University Dr Iryna Kushnir and Dr Gareth Williams have made the Ukrainian version of  BERA’s Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research, fourth edition possible.  The Guidelines are designed to support educational researchers in conducting research to the highest ethical standards in any and all contexts. This document is a direct translation of the existing guidelines (fourth edition) and has not been adapted in any way. The initial translation into Ukrainian has been supported by a professional translator and proofread by an additional translator. BERA acknowledges that the guidelines may not always be appropriate in an international context and are intended to act as guidance and support for Ukrainian Educational Research Association in creating their Ethical Code for Educational Research. We encourage you to study the BERA Ethical Guidelines and will soon invite you to discuss ethical issues at a UERA event.